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About CNS Mark


The CNS Mark Certification System is a product Certification System enforced in 1951 in order to promote the use of national standard.


The purpose of the CNS Mark is to demonstrate the compliance of product quality with national standards and the compliance of manufactures’ quality management system with the requirements of ISO 9001.


The manufacturers may gain the confidence from consumers in order to promote their products and the consumers' interests may be protected by purchasing products of excellent quality.


The diagram consist of the abbreviation of National Standards of the Republic of China " CNS " and the Chinese character " ㊣ " illustrated as follow.

Requirement for the CNS Mark

1.Where the quality management system of the factory has obtained QMS registration with organization designated by the government agency in charge of standards.
2.Where the products meet national standards after inspection and testing.


The CNS Mark is open to the applicants from foreign manufacturers. Foreign companies will be issued a CNS Mark Certificate once their products are assessed to be in compliance with related requirements. To obtain a CNS Mark, a company needs to have their quality management system assessed and their products tested against related CNS standards. Assessment of the company's quality management system can be done by certification bodies recognized by the BSMI. Testing of products can be done by the BSMI, commissioned organizations or testing laboratories recognized by the BSMI.

When making the application, a foreign applicant may authorize an agent who has a business place in the Republic of China to act on his/her behalf by executing an authorization letter. If the documents submitted are in a foreign language, their Chinese translations shall also be provided at the same time.

The BSMI may conduct non-periodical surveillance visits to the CNS Mark registered manufacturers each year. Besides, the BSMI (the 6th Division) shall draw up “an annual non-periodical product inspection plan” to conduct the non-periodical product inspection of CNS Mark products purchased from the market or taken from the sites or CNS Mark registered factories. The annual product inspection can be conducted once a year in principle; however, the annual product inspection may be conducted more times depending on the actual demand.

A hard copy and sales of the English CNS Catalogue has been no longer available since 2015. We offer the electronic file and you can reach it in our website (http://www.bsmi.gov.tw/) for free.

Copies of Chinese National Standards can be purchased by coming in person to the BSMI or its branches, or by visiting the web site at http://www.cnsonline.com.tw/ to purchase on-line.

You are welcome to use the Chinese National Standards. However, due to advances in industrial development, which will result in revision of national standards and respect of intellectual property rights, we encourage you to purchase copies of our national standards from the BSMI or its branches located around the island or from Internet so as to have the updated version. A minimum fee of service will be collected for purchasing national standards. Where it is deemed necessary to reprint national standards, please obtain permission from the BSMI.

Chinese national standards that have English translations are marked with an asterisk in the CNS Catalogue. Where there are discrepancies between the Chinese text and the English translation, the Chinese text shall govern.

How to apply for CNS mark?

  1. Manufacturers applying for the use of CNS Mark shall select the classification of CNS Mark applicable for their products, and different manufacturing plants shall file applications separately.
  2. Each product is limited to one application. However, if the product is subject to further classifications, applications shall be made based on such classifications. One application is allowed for each classification.
  3. Separate applications shall be made for different products manufactured by the same plant. Where the same product is produced and manufactured by different plants of the same company, separate applications shall be made in respect of different plants.
  1. Application Form.
  2. A copy of company or business registration certificate and a copy of factory registration certificate or other equivalent certificate.
  3. Basic information of the manufacturer (e.g. organizational chart, brief factory layout map, brief operation flow chart of the main production processes, geographic location or route map, etc.).
  4. Copies of registration certificates recognized by designated QM system, issued by the recognized QM certification bodies (recognized registration scope shall include product items in the application).
  5. Copies of compliance reports of product inspection issued by the BSMI or recognized testing laboratories within 6 months prior to the application.
  6. Application fees: NT$5,000 per application and NT$1,000 per certificate.
  1. The BSMI shall review the reports and relevant documents.
  2. Where the reports and documents comply with the provisions after review, the manufacturer shall be notified of the eligibility to use the CNS Mark. Where the reports and documents do not comply with the provisions after review, the application shall be rejected with reasons stated.
  3. The whole process shall be completed within fourteen working days.
  1. For CNS Mark products, the BSMI shall announce the names of the CNS Mark registered manufacturers, their plants, their registered CNS Mark product names and related information, and publish the information on the CNS gazette.

Product Inspection Units

(QM:Quality Management System)

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